Introducing Bryony

This is the fourth of four blogs introducing the team that will be running the second ever kicking Off tournament in Ghana at the end of October 2017.

"I'm not sure how it's going to work entirely yet and it's a very slow moving project as I'm dead busy getting drunk and running Tough Mudder races and incredibly poor, however, right from day one I need some slick branding like logos and stuff*". This was one part of the long rambly email I received in May 2016 asking me to get involved with the design of a charity Julian was starting... To say I'm a little surprised to now be prepping to go to Ghana would be an understatement. It's been amazing watching the charity take off, what was predicted as a "slow moving" project has managed to orchestrate two trips to Ghana within a year and a half, which I'm sure no one would describe as "slow". For me, personally, it has involved more design then I ever expected, including logos, leaflets, infographics and two websites, and it has been so worth getting involved in it all. Having spent many a night attempting to represent the tone and meaning of the charity through every different design means possible it will be incredible to see the work first hand and get involved beyond my computer screen.

For me preparing for this trip has involved nothing but making this website (isn't it great), being hassled by Julian to write this blog, and explaining to my parents for the umpteenth time what I'm doing and why I'm going to Ghana. As I've just found out (3 days before we leave) they haven't been listening. Maybe they'll read this blog...

*Word may have been changed to make this blog more PC.


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