Alive And Kicking Off

Well… what an interesting six months it has been since we touched down in the UK from our first successful trip to Ghana, West Africa, at the end of March. It has been quite a journey, from the start to Kicking Off’s current position, and the exciting thing is that the journey is still just beginning.

Many of my blogs have mentioned the people around me that have made Kicking Off possible – if I’m totally honest it’s they who make everything happen and have helped me to move things as far as I have. With that in mind, I cast my thoughts back to Saturday May 6th this year, when I assembled my core team at Kicking Off HQ, for a meeting of epic proportions.

With a vast amount of food, laid on by my wonderful mother, I sat down with 15 of the Kicking Off team and set out my stall: what we had done, what we wanted to do, how we thought it would happen, who we would need to make it happen, and anything else about Kicking Off that could possibly be discussed.

During the meeting, I realised for the first time, how wonderfully out of my depth I was – surrounded by an A team of talented people from multiple different fields, as I tried to express my own (often ill thought out) ideas consistently and coherently, so people would fully understand my vision for Kicking Off.

Out of depth as I was, the meeting on May 6th has helped shape everything Kicking Off has been doing in the last 6 months, and will go on to form the basis of my strategy through 2018, until we can hold the same meeting again!

So what has Kicking Off been doing for the last 6 months and what has been achieved?

  1. After a monumental amount of work by our Lawyer/ Trustee Ellis Pugh, I am pleased and proud to be able to announce that we are a now registered charity – 1173123.

  2. We have nearly finished creating a polished professional business plan, that we can use to approach businesses and accurately reflect the working model Kicking Off hopes to achieve in each of our projects around the globe, in order to secure donations and support.

  3. We have come up with some killer fundraising ideas: keep your eyes peeled for Prosecco In the Park 2018!

  4. We have designed an easy-to-understand infographic that clearly shows what we aim to do and how our model works (see below – any feedback much appreciated!)

  5. We have set up a new expert media team to support Kicking Off with all the video and online content we want to produce. Hopefully we should be posting some videos in the next few weeks.

  6. I have recently dropped down to four days a week at work so I have time to run Kicking Off properly and can really focus on making a big impact in our targeted communities.

  7. We have put together our next kicking Off team, who will run a tournament at the end of October 2017.

It has been a busy 6-month period, both personally and with Kicking Off, but the future is really bright. The cogs are now turning at two levels: on the surface, as we rush round preparing for the next trip to Ghana; and, underneath, as we work towards making Kicking Off an organisation with a model which will achieve longevity and have the best possible impact, wherever in the world it matters most.

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