Team Kickstart


Team Kickstart is our exciting new schools project that is coming soon! If you are a school looking to add something unique and rewarding to your portfolio, and you believe in the value of promoting wellbeing, empathy and openness in your students, watch this space for unbelievably exciting opportunities!

Kiddy Kickstart

Are you a primary school that would love an interesting and fun project for your kids? Kiddy Kickstart is a great way to introduce future generations to the ideas of kindness, understanding, and participating in the wider world, from a young age.

Kiddy Kickstart is our project that works with the youngest people in our society, to introduce them to the work we do. It can take the form of assemblies, links with schools overseas and many other creative ideas we are yet to have!

In return, the kids in your school may want to raise some money for Kicking Off through non-school uniform days, bake sales, fetes, sponsored events, etc.

Please contact us at for more information about how your school can be involved with Kiddy Kickstart!